About QC Partner

QC PartnerThe management of QC Partner have been active in the greater china market since nineteen ninety-two. That means that we have fifteen years of experience in the fastest growing market in the world. We have been directly involved in Chinese manufacturing from the ground-up. We have managed our own manufacturing facilities and have invaluable experience on how things are done and how to get things done. The major difference with our company and our services are that they are 100 percent managed and controlled not by Chinese, but by foreigners. QC Partner have an international staff including North Americans and Europeans who not only have a very good understanding of China, but also understand foreign quality standards. This helps us to provide second to none quality inspection services to our customers.

QC Partner Service

There is no substitution for being able to discuss a project in English with someone speaking their native language. It is one thing to get a report in English from a Chinese company and a totally different thing to get one from someone speaking their first language. If you would like your Inspection project to be planned and executed according to western standards with REAL third party impartial source than we are the only inspection service to consider.

QC Partner Location

We are located at the heart of the Chinese industrial revolution in Shen Zhen, Guangdong Province. This was one of the first special economic zones open to foreign investment and is one of the largest industrial hubs in the entire world. From our office we are only a short distance to many other major industrial areas such as Guang Zhou, Zhu Hai, Zhong Shan, Fo Shan and Dong Guan. From our central location we are able to visit hundreds of thousands of Chinese Factories all without incurring any excess travel expenses. We are also accessible to the Shenzhen Airport with daily flights to all other major manufacturing regions in Mainland China. Click here to see a map of our location.

Our professional and experienced inspectors have years of experience and can help to solve problems on the spot before compounded problems arise. All staff are fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese as well as their local dialects.

For more information on China Quality Control and other services that we offer please contact QC Partner today.

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