China Quality Control

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China Quality Control is one of the most important factors that will determine whether or not you can successfully and profitably do business with China. Most people around the world know that because prices are low in China that also means that quality will also be low. This is one of the biggest obstacles that importers will face when manufacturing products in China. There are serious consequences for buyers, including toxic metals in children’s toys, contaminated food, and similar stories that we can find all over the internet.

China Quality Control is something that must be emphasized with the manufacturer if you want any chance to meet the product requirements of your customer. You certainly do not want inferior products or poor quality merchandise that users may receive and than reject. So how do you make sure that you are getting good quality products made in China?

If you have the financial and personnel resources, you should send someone in your company to do the China Quality Control inspection. This employee must be well trained and in all aspects of quality control and essential manufacturing processes. This is a multi-step process that begins with the incoming raw materials and than to the manufacturing and to assembly. China Quality control should also be done randomly with the finished products. Once your good have all passed the main quality inspections you should also consider a container loading inspection to make sure all of the good products get loaded properly into the shipping container.

If resources do not allow you to send someone from your company, then the best option is for you hire a third party China Quality Control agency. This is a long term business investment and a very important step to building successful co-operation with a Chinese factory. Once you have chosen a qc company it is still up to you to give them all of the information that they require to inspect your products. This normally includes confirmed samples, artwork, packaging info, purchase order ect. If you do not provide all of the required information than the inspection company will not be able to correctly and satisfactorily help you with your China Quality Control.