Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

Ensure quality from the first product off the production line with an Initial Production Inspection.

Initial Production Inspection Overview

Initial Production Inspection

If you are pretty confident that the parts and raw materials to be used for your production are up to your standards or you have already performed a pre-Production Inspection than the next crucial step in getting your production off to a good start is to perform an Initial Production Inspection. This inspection will be performed on the first mass production run. We will check all of the initial production according to your standards. If there is any discrepancy, defects or problems than being able to catch them at the initial stages will save you not only a lot of money, but also a lot of time in having to deal with it later on. Often our customers will require a sample or samples of first production to sooth their concerns. Instead of the vendor choosing the best possible sample we can help you to choose an average quality sample that is representative of the total production. This can save you from any unfortunate surprises later on and help you to take corrective actions sooner than later.

With our Initial Production Inspection (IPI) you certain be sure that the production starts according to your quality standards.

What’s Included in an Initial Production Inspection?

  • Product Description
  • Inspection Standards Used
  • Standard Quality Criteria
  • Testing and Special Quality Criteria
  • Complete Defects List and Description
  • Collection of Samples if Required
All report components include documented photographic evidence

Initial Production Inspection Quick Preview

If you would like to see a sample of one of our Initial Production Inspection Reports than please send us an email and we would be happy to send you a sample report for your reference.

An Initial Production Inspection generally takes one day to two days – depending on the number of products/components to be inspected and the complexity of the inspection.

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