Comprehensive Factory Audit (CFA)

Know who your supplier really is so that you can make the right selection with our Comprehensive Factory Audit.

Comprehensive Factory Audit Overview

Comprehensive Factory AuditAs the china market continues to grow and more foreigners and foreign companies start to look to china as a low labor cost alternative there are huge opportunities for everyone. BUT, wherever there is opportunity there is also risk. With our over fifteen years of experience here we have pretty much seen everything. It is quite possible that Murphys Law was written by someone who visited a Chinese Factory. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. So assuming that you know this from the beginning it becomes a question of how can I minimize my risk? One crucial step to take is to have a factory audit done on any potential vendor.

These days with the growth of the internet any factory with as few as three or four employees can be made to look like a state enterprise with the help of a resourceful webmaster. There is absolutely no way to know for sure without a physical visit to the manufacturing facilities. Even if you do have time to come to and inspect the facility yourself it is still very easy for them to show you a facade. It is highly recommended that you find a professional, impartial company to perform a Comprehensive Factory Audit (CFA) before you spend too much time and money on a potential supplier. We have been doing this for years for our customers and we know exactly how to cut through the facade and get to the real company details.

What’s Included in a Comprehensive Factory Audit?

  • Supplier Profile and Business Details
  • Supplier Factory Organization
  • Production Workflow Details
  • Major Machinery and Facilities
  • Component Procurement and Subcontracting
  • Research and Development and Sampling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social Accountability
With our Comprehensive Factory Audit you will be able to determine if your supplier will be capable of meeting your expectations in terms of quality, quantity and delivery times.

Comprehensive Factory Audit Quick Preview

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A Comprehensive Factory Audit generally takes two full days not including travel time.

For the best China Supplier Audit service you can count on QC Partner. To book your Comprehensive Factory Audit please contact us today.

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