Container Loading Inspection (CLI)

Ensure all of your order has been loaded properly and the goods are on the way with a Container Loading Inspection.

Container Loading Inspection Overview

Container Loading Inspection

When your goods have been completed to your satisfaction and are all ready to go than the last step to ensure that you are getting what you ordered is to perform a Container Loading Inspection. We will ensure that all products are packaged to your specifications and that all products are counted and loaded correctly and there are absolutely no discrepancies. If you want to feel secure when making your final payment to your supplier than it is strongly advised that you perform a container loading inspection.

With our Container Loading Inspection (CLI) you will feel much more secure when making your final payment.

What’s Included in a Container Loading Inspection?

  • Product Description
  • Date and Location Details
  • Container and other shipping vessel details
  • Discrepancy and/or damage details
All report components include documented photographic evidence

Container Loading Inspection Quick Preview

If you would like to see a sample of one of our Container Loading Inspection Reports than please send us an email and we would be happy to send you a sample report for your reference.

A Container Loading Inspection generally takes one day.

For the best China Quality Control you can count on QC Partner. To book your Container Loading Inspection please contact us today.

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