Quality Checklist

Quality ChecklistBefore requesting any of our quality services please be sure to prepare all necessary information from our Quality Checklist. The basic information that we will require is as follows:

  • Complete Product Details

    The more details that you can provide the better we will be able to inspect your products. If possible please provide us with any product samples that you may have. It is also advised that you send us the exact details listed on the Purchase Order and or Letter of Credit so that we can ensure that they are followed.

  • Complete Contact Details

    We will need to schedule the quality inspection with your supplier. Please provide us with the following information; supplier name, address, contact person, telephone and fax numbers, email address and anything else that you may have.

  • Production and Inspection Schedule

    We will need as much information as possible about when the supplier will be manufacturing your products and when you would like us to make our inspection.

  • Inspection Standards

    The standard that you have agreed upon with your supplier when you placed your Purchase Order. Our standard service includes random sampling according to AQL standards. Do you have your own standards that you want to use? Do you have special testing requirements? Do you have a copy of a previous inspection report that you were satisfied with? The more information that you can give us the better that we can ensure your product meets your standards.

For more information on our Quality Checklist please contact us today.

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